August 25, 2023


By Alex Harrington, Chair & Founder

It was a bit disheartening to read about today’s military recruitment challenges. The lack of enthusiasm and encouragement from family members, potential unsustainability of America's "all-volunteer force" (AVF), and declining physical and mental fitness among young adults are converging into what appears to be a crisis in military recruitment. One might think that our government leaders may bring back the draft one day. But before you pack your bags and trek north up to Canada and learn the appropriate timing of “eh!”, there are many rewards of military service.

As a proud veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, I often reflect on the path I took, a road less traveled filled with challenges, growth, and unexpected rewards. However, I must shamefully admit that I joined the Marine Corps on a dare! But it was one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions I made during my earlier years as a young adult. My time in the Marines afforded me opportunities for growth, camaraderie, and an unparalleled sense of purpose of being a part of something larger than you.

My journey throughout the Marine Corps was not easy, and it was certainly not the path that many take. But the lessons I learned, the camaraderie I enjoyed, and the skills I acquired were invaluable.

And sometimes, the most rewarding journeys in life are those that few people choose to take!

If you're contemplating a career in the military, here are enduring rewards you'll cherish for a lifetime:

Character Building & Discipline: Perhaps the most acknowledged benefit is the discipline and character-building military service provides. You will be taught to be punctual, responsible, and dependable – qualities that will serve you well after military service. In fact, these are some of the top qualities employers want.

Physical Fitness: Rigorous physical training is a cornerstone of military service. You will achieve and maintain top physical fitness, which has lifelong benefits for health and well-being.

Skill Development: Military service isn’t just about combat. There are numerous roles ranging from engineering, medical, communication, to logistics. You may acquire skills that can be transferred to civilian roles after your service tenure.

Leadership Experience: The military emphasizes leadership. Even at lower ranks, there’s an opportunity to lead peers, thus giving you foundational leadership skills that rise above those who never served.  

Education Benefits: Military service provides an extensive range of educational advantages that can be accessed during active duty or upon concluding your service. You can also take advantage of military branch scholarship programs.

While military service undoubtedly involves sacrifices and challenges, it offers a plethora of personal, professional, and societal benefits. Whether it's the skills acquired, the character developed, or the sense of purpose fostered, the experiences during military service will shape you in profound ways that benefit you for a lifetime.

So, take the "A Road Less Traveled," which will no doubt be the most rewarding journey you'll ever take in life.

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Alex Harrington
Chair & Founder
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