November 14, 2023



In a dynamic job market, Federal Career Connection Inc. offers essential guidance for those navigating the federal career landscape. Our latest event, featuring industry leaders, including Lora Allen from the USPSTO, was a testament to our commitment to providing rich insights for aspiring and experienced federal employees.

Moderator: Lora Allen

Leading the conversation was our esteemed moderator, Lora Allen. Currently serving with the USPTO as a CX Specialist in the Trademarks Customer Experience Program,Lora brings a rich perspective. Her dedication to Federal Career Connection spans over a decade, marking her as a vital part of our community and an expert in navigating federal careers.

Panelist: Angela Freeman

Angela Freeman, a seasoned FCC volunteer and one of our HR program advisors, graced the panel with her extensive expertise. With a diverse background encompassing all branches of federal service and experience in the private sector, Angela's insights into HR dynamics are invaluable. Her veteran presence and deep understanding of the nuances in federal HR practices make her a cornerstone of our discussions.


Panelist: Michael Lawyer

We were thrilled to welcome Michael Lawyer, a first-time panelist but a veteran in federal HR. Currently leading as the Director of Operations for HUD's Office of Field Policy and Management, Michael's experience is far-reaching. His role asa founding member of the PMAA underlines his commitment and contribution to public management and administration, bringing a unique and practical perspective to the panel.


Panelist: Treva Smith

Finally, we welcomed back Treva Smith, a returning FCC presenter with an impressive 30-year career spanning various organizations. Her journey through theDepartment of Defense, the intelligence community, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Veteran Affairs epitomizes a career rich in diversity and leadership. Treva's experience at senior executive levels provides an unparalleled view into the workings of different federal organizations.


Panel Discussions: A Spectrum of Federal Career Perspectives

The event's highlight was the panel discussion with experts from various federal agencies. Each panelist shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities within their areas, offering a panoramic view of what it takes to thrive in federal roles. This segment allowed attendees to understand the diverse federal career landscape and career growth opportunities.


Key Takeaways for Federal Career Growth:

  1. Mentorship and Networking: The importance of establishing a solid professional network and finding mentors within the government was a unanimous point among the panelists. These connections are crucial for career development and understanding the intricacies of federal work.
  2. Commitment to Continuous Learning: In an ever-changing federal environment, adaptability, and ongoing learning were highlighted as key to staying relevant and excelling in federal positions.
  3. Innovation in Public Service: Panelists consistently emphasized the importance of innovative thinking in problem-solving and policy-making, underscoring innovation as a vital component of effective public service.

Crafting a Successful Federal Career

The event wrapped up with a powerful message for those looking to enter or advance in the federal workforce. Success in federal careers is not solely about hard work and dedication; it also hinges on a willingness to learn, adapt, and innovate within the ever-changing public service landscape.

Final Thoughts:

We want to sincerely thank our panelists, Lora Allen, Angela Freeman, Michael Lawyer, and Treva Smith, for sharing their wealth of experience and providing valuable insights into the intricacies of federal careers. Their diverse backgrounds and profound knowledge greatly enriched our understanding and provided practical advice and inspiration for attendees. We extend our heart felt thanks to each of them for their contributions and for continuing to guide aspiring professionals in their federal career journeys. 

At Federal Career Connection Inc., we are grateful to all the speakers and participants who made this event a resounding success. We are committed to continuing our mission of supporting and guiding professionals through their journeys in federal careers and creating an environment of growth, learning, and innovation.

Dr. Brandy Hill
Assistant Director, Development
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