August 25, 2023


SPRINGFIELD, VA (​Aug. 25, 2023​) – Federal Career Connection, Inc. (FCC Inc.) is pleased to announce its new partnership with the Presidential Management Alumni Association (PMAA), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting alumni of the notable Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program.

The collaboration aims to provide valuable resources and foster a vibrant community for talented individuals who have participated in the PMF Program, with the ultimate goal of cultivating future government leaders from diverse backgrounds.

The PMF program actively recruits individuals with advanced degrees across various disciplines and matches them with federal opportunities that align with their unique talents and expertise. Through this initiative, the program aims to develop a cadre of skilled professionals from all walks of life who can contribute effectively to public service and governance.

The PMAA plays a vital role in this mission, seeking to expand its network and promote the alumni community, along with advocating for the PMF Program itself. As part of the partnership with FCC Inc., PMAA will contribute valuable blog articles and offer a representative to serve as a speaker during an upcoming FCC Inc. webinar. These initiatives will provide an excellent platform for sharing insights, experiences, and professional knowledge, enhancing the learning and growth opportunities for both organizations’ audiences.

Moreover, the collaboration will unlock unique cross-promotional prospects, allowing FCC Inc. and PMAA to extend their reach and impact within their respective spheres. By leveraging each other's strengths and resources, they aim to create educational content that empowers their audience members to explore and develop fulfilling careers within the federal sector.

“The combined efforts of FCC Inc. and PMAA will undoubtedly create a lasting impact on aspiring government professionals, fostering a community of passionate, skilled, and diverse leaders ready to tackle the challenges of the future,” said Alex Harrington, Chair and founder of Federal Career Connection, Inc.

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