August 15, 2023


SPRINGFIELD, VA (​August 15, 2023​) Federal Career Connection, Inc. (FCC Inc.) is pleased to announce two new program advisors: Dr. Joi L. Brown and Joiel Ray-Alexander. With their extensive expertise in career strategy, leadership, and community engagement, Dr. Brown and Ray-Alexander will play a pivotal role in providing valuable recommendations and insights to FCC Inc.’s Board of Directors, Officers, and volunteers.

Dr. Brown is a renowned Career Strategist, Life Coach, International Bestselling Author, Empowerment Speaker, and Entrepreneur widely recognized as the "Positive Energizer" in her field. With a profound understanding of human potential and a passion for empowering others, Dr. Brown has been instrumental in transforming countless lives through her coaching and mentorship.

Ray-Alexander brings a wealth of diverse experience to FCC Inc., with a career spanning higher education to healthcare and non-profit philanthropy. Her executive background in sponsor partnerships, corporate key relationships, community engagement, marketing communications, and strategic leadership makes her a versatile and strategic asset to the organization. Her ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, partners, and community leaders will play a vital role in expanding FCC Inc.’s reach and impact.

As Program Advisors, Dr. Brown and Ray-Alexander will attend FCC Inc.’s quarterly Board Meetings and provide advice and counsel to the leadership team and volunteers to devise and implement effective strategies aimed at advancing the organization's mission and vision.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Joi L. Brown and Joiel Ray-Alexander to our team of Program Advisors,” said Dr. Jacqueline Charles, Executive Director of Federal Career Connection, Inc. “Their exceptional backgrounds and expertise will help our new educational non-profit continue to help those who aspire to find their occupational calling in public, national, military or other federal services.”

About FCC Inc.

Established in 2021, Federal Career Connection, Inc. is an educational non-profit that strives to educate aspiring Americans, of all ages and groups, to learn and have the opportunity to lend their time, talents, and energy to the common good in public, national, or military service. To stay up to date on FCC, Inc., please visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and sign up for our events and much more through our partner organization Career Network Ministry’s Meetup page. You can also support us financially or volunteer with us.

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