October 19, 2023


SPRINGFIELD, VA (​October 19, 2023​) The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released a new resource that could benefit job seekers who are seeking career opportunities in the federal government.

While OPM's new Federal Workforce Competency Initiative (FWCI) General Competencies and Competency Models were developed to help agencies implement skills-based hiring, improve training, development, and workforce planning programs, this new resource could also benefit job seekers aspiring for a career in the federal government.

Clearer Job Expectations: With the establishment of competency models for 80 occupational series, job seekers can have a clearer understanding of what specific skills and competencies are expected for a given position, thereby allowing them to tailor their applications more effectively.

Skills-Based Hiring: The shift towards skills-based hiring means that candidates will be evaluated more on their ability to perform the tasks associated with a job rather than rigid qualifications. This can open doors for individuals who have the necessary skills but might lack traditional educational or experience criteria.

Validated Assessments: The focus on using valid competency-based assessments ensures that the hiring process is more transparent and equitable. Job seekers can be more confident that they're being evaluated based on relevant criteria and that the process is designed to identify the best fit for the job.

Modernized Recruitment: By reflecting current and emerging competencies, the FWCI ensures that the federal hiring process stays relevant and in step with the changing nature of work. Job seekers can be assured that they are being prepared for modern roles that align with current industry standards.

Comprehensive Resource Availability: With the updated Office of Personnel Management’s FWCI and MOSAIC Competency Library, job seekers have a valuable resource at their fingertips. This library can help them understand the competencies associated with different roles, thereby aiding in career planning and application preparation.

Opportunities for Diverse Candidates: The emphasis on skills rather than just qualifications might make the federal government more accessible to a diverse range of candidates, including those from non-traditional backgrounds or those looking to switch careers.

The FWCI represents a significant step towards modernizing and streamlining the federal hiring process. By placing an emphasis on competencies and skills, it offers a more inclusive, transparent, and effective pathway for job seekers aiming for a federal career.

Learn more at Federal Workforce Competency Initiative - General Competencies and Competency Models.

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