September 7, 2023


By Alex Harrington, Chair & Founder

With over 14,000 job openings spanning across 480 federal entities, navigating the federal job search can be overwhelming. The sheer volume of vacancy announcements – combined with application requirements and assessment tools – presents challenges even for the most experienced federal job seekers. But fear not! The digital age has brought us a centralized hub that can simplify the process significantly. Welcome to USAJOBS, the Federal government’s main job board, developed by the experts at

What is USAJOBS?

USAJOBS is the Office of Personnel Management’s official online portal for federal job listings. Essentially, it’s where most federal agencies come to advertise their job openings available to the general public. Picture it as the bridge between aspiring federal employees and the agencies that are looking for talent.


1) Centralized Job Search: Before the advent of USAJOBS, “potential applicants would have to travel to federal buildings to view job announcements on bulletin boards or posted in reading rooms.” Today, nearly all Federal agencies advertise their vacancy announcements on USAJOBS, offering job seekers a convenient, single location to scout for opportunities.

2) All-in-One Platform: Apart from job listings, USAJOB offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for the federal job application process:

  • Résumé Builder: A tailored tool to help you craft a federal-friendly résumé.
  • Saved Searches: Formerly known as ‘search agent’, this feature automates the job search process by scouting for jobs that match your criteria and notifying you of them.
  • Document Uploading: Provides flexibility by allowing you to upload a cover letter, references, transcripts, and other relevant documentation.

Navigating Exceptions

While USAJOBS is undoubtedly a significant asset in the federal job search journey, it's essential to remember that not all federal agencies use this platform. Some agencies are exempt from posting on USAJOBS. So, these exceptions have their distinct hiring systems and assessment procedures, so if you're targeting a specific agency, it's worth verifying if they have their independent job board.

Getting Started with USAJOBS

  • Create an Account: Start by setting up a personal profile. This will allow you to save jobs of interest, store multiple versions of your résumé, and more.
  • Craft Your Résumé: Utilize the platform’s résumé builder or upload your existing résumé.
  • Search and Apply: Use the advanced search options to filter opportunities by agency, job category, location, or salary range.
  • Set Up Saved Searches: Let the system do the heavy lifting by setting up job alerts tailored to your preferences.
  • Track Your Application: USAJOBS provides a dashboard that shows the status of your applications, allowing you to follow your application's journey through the hiring process.

Learn More

To delve deeper into the functionalities and benefits of USAJOBS, check out the following resources:

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Alex Harrington
Chair & Founder
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